Get Turned On.

What is Get Turned On?

Get Turned On is the working title for a sort of bootleg self-help program I’ve been sharing by email.  I’m also writing a book on exposing the inner world, opening up to the dark interiors we resist, and fully inhabiting the experience of being you.

Get Turned On is about showing yourself to others.  It’s about moving past fears.  It’s about discovering the confidence that arises when you get naked,ugly and beautiful, and walk around like that, every day.

It’s about  living your life like your dying.

I’ve broken down the program into six stages, because everybody likes six stages.  This week is Stage Three. The stages consist of storytelling, simple exercises involving post-it notes, and self-reflection.

When we’re through with the stages, I’m not sure what will happen, but it will probably just get better.

If you haven’t signed up, send me your email address and I’ll catch you up with the previous weeks.

I truly think I can help some people.  This isn’t bullshit.

Currently Reading: Smile at Fear, Chogyam Trungpa

Much Love,







8 thoughts on “Get Turned On.

  1. yes,please! and thank you! (ancagray and grayandthegirls on instagram). i’m in love with everything you say, how you say it, how you look while you’re saying it, not to be creepy or anything.


  2. I’d love to get your emails! I think you are an epic human and have been loving your random talking videos and getting to know you on IG XX


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